Why You Have To Switch To Dairy-Free Food Items

Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

Milk and certain other animal derivatives are typically deemed healthy and are high in nutrients. Anyhow, many pieces of research show that these products can have more harmful effects than positive effects. An increasing number of individuals have realized this, so they are selecting fully plant-based food items as alternatives to those aforementioned derivatives. Are you still not convinced about making this switch? Continue reading on to know more about why you might as well do it.

For The Sake Of Your Health

Many trials and research papers show that dairy products are likely to diminish the quantity of calcium in the human bones. As part of a study for the ‘BMJ Clinical Research’ journal, analysts followed over 100,000 dairy consumers for about 2 decades. Consequently, they discovered that those women and men who consumed more milk, had greater frequencies of hip and bone fractures, as well as heart disease.

The consumption of about 1 liter of milk daily was linked to almost twice the possibility of a premature demise. Furthermore, about 70% of people are thought to have unsteadt levels of lactose intolerance.

For All The Animals

No species other than human beings keep consuming livestock milk from birth onwards. This costs animals a great deal in terms of health. Similarly to human beings, they generate milk in the state of being pregnant. In a way, we indirectly make them pregnant more than once in their lives to get milk from them. Consequently, they remain impregnated multiple times in their lives until they cannot generate milk. Treating the animals similarly to ‘milk banks’ shortens their duration of existence by over 75%, as per PETA India.

For The Sake Of The Environment

Consuming dairy-free products is among the best ways of reducing the impact on the environment. Numerous resources are utilized to make animal milk, which include grain, land, and water. So much real estate is required to accommodate and feed livestock that it gradually destructs natural habitats, including rainforests and standard forests.

So, why not switch to using vegan milk in your plant-based recipes? There are numerous vegan milk options to pick from, including the products made from soy, rice, almond, oat, and coconut. All of these may not suit as ingredients for all food items, but you can easily figure out what best fits which product.

So, to summarize, consuming more plants allows reducing carbon footprint, while saving land, water and animals.