Plant-Based Diet And Why You Should Try It

Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

The title may be interpreted in the wrong ways. The plant-based diet is not a meal or pack of chips that you can ‘try’, but more so a lifestyle that you follow. When followed, the long-term benefits are far too valuable for you to miss. Trying out plant-based food is one of the best and healthiest ways of eating, and as mentioned in many other sources, the benefits are far more than you lose a few pounds.

We will be listing out the reasons as to why you should try this regimen, and also the benefits that you can hope to achieve along the journey. Read on…

Plant-Based Eating

Plant-based eating, as many might have wrongly thought, is not only eating plants and leafy greens. It is a means of giving more space on your plate for leafy greens- A good 3/4th if you may. This doesn’t mean that you cannot eat meat, or have milk and other dairy products. In fact, you can choose the extent to which you want to let in meat and other animal products. Based on this there are several interpretations of this diet and they are listed below.

The Vegetarian Diet: this involves eating cheese, egg, milk, but they stay clear of beef, chicken, pork, lamb and other animal meats. They instead have plant-based meats or proteins.

Vegan Diet: the diet that involves completely forgoing animal products like cheese, milk and honey, and mostly switching to a vegan lifestyle.

Raw Vegan Diet: This is a step beyond what people would call sane, and involves eating only raw plant-based foods.

Flexitarian Diet: as the name suggests, it is extremely flexible. It involves cutting down the meat intake and primarily eating plant-based food, with a little bit of animal products here and there.

The Benefits

Plant-Based Diet Reduces Your Blood Pressure

This is linked to the drop in the risk of heart diseases, strokes and type 2 diabetes. Several studies complemented the trait of plant-based diets reducing blood pressure and risk of hypertension- by as much as 34%.

Plant-Based Diet Helps Keep The Heart Healthy

Meats contain saturated fats that further contribute to heart issues, especially when eaten in excess. By simply limiting the intake of meat, and sticking to a plant-based diet, you are prolonging the life of your heart and kicking away heart troubles.

Plant-Based Diet Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Weight and diabetes have a strong link. More the fatty tissue, more is the resistance to insulin. A plant-based diet will help restore balance by reducing the saturated fats you are putting in yourself.