Non-Food Lifestyle Factors That Reduce The Quality Of Life

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Plant-Based Recipes
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Plant-Based Food

Apart from switching over to a diet consisting of plant-based food, there are several lifestyle changes that you can bring about to increase the quality of your life. Most of these take a backseat, and because of which, the quality of life is very much limited. We will be taking a look at a few of these lifestyle changes that you have to include along with a regimen of plant-based meals to take your wellness to another level.

  • Getting Proper Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our health, and a good 33% of the world population is suffering from sleeplessness or inadequate sleep. This accounts for a myriad of health problems that range from obesity, poor metabolism, high blood pressure, heart ailments, inattention, mental fog, fatigue, weakened immune system, depression, fatal accidents and faster aging.

Adults should get in at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. If you are having trouble doing so, then visit a doctor to understand what the underlying reason could be. If you are suffering from acute insomnia, then prescription medication can get you started. Slowly you can wean off of it, and find your own circadian rhythm kick into place.

Dim the lights of your room a good hour before you intend to sleep. Apart from this, switch of the TV, keep the phone aside and read a book or partake in a hobby that doesn’t involve you looking at screens. Get yourself in comfortable wear and you should be good to go.

You may even apply some oil to the underside of your feet, and slowly massage for 5 minutes, as circulation to this part helps calm the nerves and induces sleep.

  • Exercise

Even if you are not able to find time during the week, dedicate the weekend to exercising and sweating it out. Even if it is brisk walking or cycling on a daily basis, then so be it. Exercise on the regular helps keep your mood up due to the release of feel-good hormones. Sweat it out and see your quality of life shoot up, phenomenally.

  • Talk It Out

It is ironic that in such an interconnected world, we often starve for physical connections. Talk to friends and reconnect with family on the regular. Talking helps in bringing a sense of closure and meaning not just to your life, but to the one lending you an ear. Drop the social media chat boxes, and instead meet out or talk over a video call.

Making these lifestyle changes can have a ready difference in the way you view the world. Start today!