Tips To Cut Green Onions

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Many people are now switching to plant-based diets due to the health benefits offered by these diet plans. If you have recently switched to plant-based food preparation, you will have many doubts about cutting and prepping vegetables. This post discusses some easy tips to cut green onions, also called scallions.

Green onions can be savored cooked or raw. They are closely related vegetables like leek, garlic, chive, and shallot. They are perfect to add flavor, texture, and color to your favorite plant-based recipes. They have a flavor that is similar to onions, but not as intense and will not make your eyes tear up. If you are a lover of Asian food items, you might have eaten your fair share of scallions. They are commonly used in ramen, stir-fries, and scallion pancakes.

The complete green onion is edible, which includes the white portion too. Many people trim and remove the roots and tops while prepping scallions. Read on to know how to correctly cut green onions.

Prepping Green Onions 

The following steps will help you prep green onions to be used in your plant-based food preparation.

  • Wash your green onions with water and discard any wilted and damaged parts.
  • Slice the top 1 to 2 inches after placing the onions on the top of a cutting board. Discard the sliced top portion.
  • You can then cut above the roots. Your green onions are now ready to be chopped.

Cutting Green Onions

There are many ways to cut green onions and the suitable one will depend on the dish that you are planning to make. The first way is to cut the onions to make small coins of onions that can be used as garnishing or to add flavor to plant-based recipes.

  • After placing the onions on a cutting board, clench them using your non-dominant hand.
  • Cut the scallions with a sharp knife by sliding the knife back and forth. This will help avoid crushing the scallions.
  • Cut the onions about 1/8 inch thick.

The second method will let you have scallion hairs and can be best for ramen garnish or salads. As the scallion hairs will be very fine, their flavors will be less intense when compared to the other cuts.

  • To get beautiful scallion hairs, always slice the scallions at a slant.
  • You can cut the onions to have thick or thin hairs.

Following the tips shared above will help you cut green onions easily to add to your favorite plant-based recipes.