This website is devoted to all things vegan. We have named the site after the phrase ‘plant-based’, but we are catering mostly to a vegan audience. It is worth noting that we are viewing vegan and plant-based as interchangeable terms. Anyhow, this does not mean that both are the same concepts.

There are differences between a vegan diet and a plant-based food eating pattern, as one of our blog posts highlights. Going through that piece of work will help you to know more about both forms of diet. The best way to decide on anything is by arming yourself with more knowledge about it. The same applies to diet and lifestyle matters.

Issues like global warming and climate change are becoming more pertinent than ever before. Do you know that a fully plant-based lifestyle can reduce the impact on the environment? It has that benefit and more potential advantages. Anyhow, we know that the diet also has disadvantages, and some of these downsides are featured here. We encourage you to keep coming to this website for more pieces of information on veganism as we continue to update it with extra details.